About Scent from Nature

Life is too short; why not live your passions?

Linda Newman; Owner and Chief ChandlerI started handcrafting beeswax candles in 2005. Neil and I met in 2008 and he soon became a big part of what we can now call a family business.

Our love of nature and the outdoors has always been a driving force in the direction of our lives. We followed our internal compass north and abandoned the hustle and bustle of a semi suburban yet, by all appearances, rural lifestyle, thirty miles west of the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN metropolitan area.  Opening up a new chapter in the peaceful, remote north woods of Minnesota's Arrowhead Region, we now live and work off grid using power from the SUN.

Our "corporate headquarters" rests on 40 acres of pristine woods, surrounded by State and Federal Lands, twenty six miles northeast of Grand Marais, MN and seven miles up the hill from Lake Superior's shores. Here, we not only handcraft our beeswax candles but also provide dog sledding tours and teach folks how to dog mush through our educational dog sledding business. Last but not least, we have three little house dog mascots, Copper, Blueberry, and our latest addition, the mighty Aussie pup, Sayah.

To learn more about our sled dogs and the programs we offer through Points Unknown, please click here: Points Unknown: Dog-Based Adventures.

We value our lifestyle and our vision for the future, and we value helping the people around us and our planet.  One of the ways we're helping right here at home is by purchasing all of our beeswax from local beekeepers to support our local economy. We also harness power from the sun rather than rely on grid services.

Beeswax candles are non toxic, non allergenic and virtually soot-free. They emit negative ions when they burn to actually help purify the air! We don't believe in tampering with perfection and therefore our beeswax candles have no additives. To that end, our candles are 100% natural, renewable, and sustainable, with no added color or scent. Our packaging is made of 100% Post Consumer recycled paper. The ink uses vegetable-based dyes. For the love of our planet, how could there have been any other choice for packaging?

We also believe in the simple and practical function of our candles. Extensive research and time are put into each candle style to ensure the optimal burn time and performance.

Calm. Clean. Green.

"What more could you ask for in a candle when it comes to the advocacy of a clean, healthy and sustainable environment? And you can expect that we, at Scent from Nature, are seated strongly in our values of eco consciousness and are striving as a company to meet the green expectations of our customers."

Linda Newman, Owner and Chief Chandler